Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research

Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research is an open access journal devoted to research, design development and application of all bio-sensing and sensing technologies.
The scope of Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research encompasses, but is not restricted to, the following areas:

•Sensing principles and mechanisms
•New materials development (transducers and sensitive/recognition components)
•Fabrication technology
•Optical devices
•Electrochemical devices
•Mass-sensitive devices
•Gas sensors
•Analytical microsystems
•Environmental, process control and biomedical applications
•Signal processing
•Sensor and sensor-array chemometrics
•Optoelectronic sensors
•Mechanical sensors
•Thermal sensors
•Magnetic sensors
•Interface electronics
•Sensor Systems and Applications
•µTAS - Micro Total Analysis Systems (Microsystems for the generation, handling and analysis of (bio)chemical information)
•Development of solid-state devices for transducing physical signals
•Analytical devices incorporating a biological material

The editors will accept reviews and papers of obvious relevance, which describe important new concepts, underpin understanding of the above areas of interest or provide important insights into the practical application, manufacture and commercialisation of bio-sensing and sensing technologies.

Editor-in-Chief Professor Richard Luxton

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 2214-1804