Yong Zhang

  • Editorial Board

    Xiamen University, Xiamen City, Fujian 361102, China

  • As a professor in Environ. Chem. in State Key Lab of Mar. Environ. Sci. of China (Xiamen univ.), Dr. Zhang has being worked in environmental science for more than 30 years. Dr. Zhang’s research interests are environmental chemistry and chemistry of organic pollutants, and mainly focused on marine environmental science, environmental analytical chemistry and molecular luminescence and its applications in environmental science.

    Dr. Zhang obtained his PhD in Chem. Dept., Xiamen Univ., China in 1994. Dr. Zhang is currently a member of AMETEC steering committee of APEC, a member of chemical society of China, oceanography society of China, and the first POPs steering committee of CSES in China. He is also working as an editor of national journals in China and reviewers of several international, such as Anal. Chim Acta, Talanta, IBB, IJEE, JES, Luminescence, Environmental Technology, Water Air and Soil Pollution, Analytical Letters and so on in his research field. Dr. Zhang has published more than 176 national and international journal articles.