Wei (Vivienne) Wang

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    Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

  • Dr. Wei (Vivienne) Wang is an associated professor at the institute of nuclear-agricultural science, Zhejiang University, China. She obtained her Ph.D degree through the join-training from both Zhejiang University, China and University of California, Riverside. Her research interests and activities mainly focus on the use of isotopic tracing techniques in environmental science, including: 1) environmental fate and risk assessment of organic contaminants, i.e. pesticides, PBDEs, antibiotics; 2) processes of organic contaminants in ecosystem; 3) biotic and abiotic degradation/metabolism, adsorption, leaching, bound residue formation. Dr. W Wang is currently active in scientific research and is (co)authored for over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles in recent five years.