Sonia Manzo

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    ENEA, Portici, Italy

  • Dr Sonia Manzo received her MSc in Biology (1992), and PhD in Ecology (2007). She works at ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) Researcher (1993-2010), ENEA Senior Researcher (2010- Actual). Her research is mostly focused on the evaluation in different matrices of emerging and organic/inorganic pollutants effects and on development of integrated indices for ecotoxicological risk evaluation. Expertise: design and application of ecotoxicological test batteries with standard and innovative methods. She is particularly expert of geno ecotoxicology of metal oxide nanoparticles and marine environment. She is also involved in diverse marine policy forum and processes. She actively collaborates with diverse national and international University. Also collaborates with international scientific journals (e.g. STOTEN, JHM, ECTX, ESPR; ENVPOL, EES, etc).