Prashant Kumar

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    University of Surrey, Surrey, England, UK

  • Prashant Kumar, founded and leads the ‘Air Pollution and Health’ research group at the University of Surrey (UK). His ground-breaking research works to build an understanding of the formation and emission of nanoparticles, both from vehicle exhausts and also from construction and demolition. He investigates their contribution to pollution, especially in megacity contexts, and is developing approaches to low cost sensing as well as contributing to guidelines for policymakers to curtail pollution exposure at hotspots, with associated health benefits. He obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge (UK) after securing a Cambridge-Nehru Scholarship and Overseas Research Scholarship Award; he holds a master degree in Environmental Engineering and Management from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India). A prolific author with over 110 articles in top-ranked journals, his research has also attracted over £2.5m to Surrey, and he has developed a network of collaborators across four continents. To date, his work has featured in over 2000 news articles worldwide. He is serving panels such as the Institution of Civil Engineer’s Air Pollution Task Force for London and the United Nations ESCAP expert group on the urban nexus.