Maria Concetta Tomei

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    Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Rome, Italy

  • Chemical Engineer, M. Concetta Tomei is Senior Scientist at the Water Research Institute of the Italian National Research Council, where she has been employed since 1984. In the period 2002-2008, she was Professor at the Rome University “La Sapienza” (Science Faculty) teaching the course “Biological Processes in the Industry”.

    The main field of her research activity has been “wastewater treatment” involving both theoretical and practical aspects. She actively worked on modelling of biological processes for the design and management of Wastewater Treatment Plants operating carbonaceous substrate and nutrient removal. The activity on the anaerobic processes was focused on modelling and process control and one of the main result was the setting up of the RANTOX (acronym for Rapid ANaerobic load and TOXicity tester) biosensor for rapid detection of overloads and/or toxic compounds in the influent to the digesters. At present, her research activity focuses on the development of innovative technologies for the biological removal of xenobiotics from industrial wastewater and soil. Successful results to be mentioned are on the application of Two-Phase Partitioning Bioreactors (TPPBs) to the removal of toxic compounds as substituted phenols and dyes. She has been Italian delegate in the Management Committee of several EU COST Actions and scientific chair of national and international projects on wastewater treatment and sludge stabilization. She authored more than 160 publications including papers on peer reviewed scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.