Mª Jesús Sánchez-Martín

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    IRNASA, CSIC, Salamanca, Spain

  • María Jesús Sánchez-Martín is Research Professor CSIC at the Natural Resources and Agrobiology Institute in Salamanca (Spain) and she is working over 35 years in different aspects related to the behaviour of pesticides in soils: Adsorption, desorption, mobility and degradation, Influence of organic amendments in fate of pesticides in soils, Soil and water contamination by pesticides and emerging contaminants, and Physicochemical technologies to prevention contamination of soil and water. She has directed and/or participated in more than 50 research projects funded by the Spanish and Regional Government, and other organisms and private companies. She has published 118 research papers in journals included in the SCI (more than half of them in the Q1 of expertise area), more than 100 in other journals (no SCI) or Proceeding books. She has presented more than 150 papers in national and international conferences and has directed Ph.D. theses and Master’s theses.