Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

As of 2008 no longer published by Elsevier, please contact the National Institute of Materials Science in Japan

Background: To date, there are many Journals dealing with materials and their functions. For most of them, however, the core is generally derived from the separate viewpoints of physics, chemistry, and electronics, not necessarily from that of multifaceted materials themselves.

It has been recognized that the key issues in the development of the advanced materials field in the future, is how to realize the fruits of the advances in Materials Science and Engineering research, as evidenced by the block of knowledge stored in the Materials' archives for the last 30 years.

In order to attain the purpose, each researcher is encouraged to develop his/her specialist field by gaining knowledge from all the fields of multifaceted materials, functions, and processing.

This point of view is in direct contrast to the concepts expressed through the established, traditional journals.

Purpose and scope: Science and Technology of Advanced Materials offers an international forum presenting refereed original contributions at the forefront of materials science research, and occasionally includes reviews of articles in the rapidly growing fields of materials research, such as nano-, bio- and ecomaterials. We also publishes special issues featuring on-going research projects and other materials research activity.

The journal publishes research involving all aspects of materials science, including theoretical analysis, synthesis and processing, phase and structure analyses, characterization, properties, engineering and applications. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary nature of materials science and particularly close attention is paid to the latest trends in materials research.

The multi-faceted nature of materials science is more prominent in the rapidly-growing nanotechnology-related fields, where researchers are confronted by the necessity not only to develop their specialty within the specific scientific field, but also to gain knowledge from various other fields of materials science. The interdisciplinary nature of Science and Technology of Advanced Materials will help readers to understand various aspects of materials research outside their own core expertise.

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