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    Revista Médica Internacional sobre el Síndrome de Down

    The aim of SD, REVISTA MÉDICA INTERNACIONAL SOBRE EL SÍNDROME DE DOWN (INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL JOURNAL ON DOWN'S SYNDROME) is, on the one hand, to gather current knowledge on the medical aspects of Down's Syndrome, and to continuously review and update this, from the most promising advances in basic sciences, such as molecular biology and genetics, to daily clinical practice; and on the other hand, to look at those psychopedagogical aspects, that, due to their relationship with the medical field ,could be of practical interest for general and specialist paediatricians associated with Down's Syndrome. SD will consider publishing clinical or research articles associated with all branches of Down's Syndrome.

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    • Imprint: ELSEVIER DOYMA
    • ISSN: 1138-2074