Revista de Psiquiatría y Salud Mental (English Edition)

Revista de Psiquiatría y Salud Mental (Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health) is the official scientific publication of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and the Spanish Society of Biological Psychiatry. The journal is oriented to the study of mental illnesses, their pathological processes, and their psychosocial consequences, and has as its aim to disseminate the scientific advances in all fields related to the illness and mental health. It accepts unpublished works on psychiatry and mental health, and its medical and social repercussions. For this reason, space is provided in the Journal for works in the biological, clinical and psychosocial field. Manuscripts are evaluated, before being accepted, by external reviewers (peer-review).

Editor-in-Chief J. Bobes García

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  • ISSN: 2173-5050