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This journal is a peer reviewed, subsidized open access journal. To provide open access, Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine charges an open access fee (also known as an article processing charge APC) which needs to be paid by the authors.
For Original articles, Review articles, Reports and Commentaries, authors will be charged a fee of USD 1,100. For Letters to the editor, authors will be charged a fee of USD 400. For excess page charges, USD 100 per page is charged to authors for all pages exceeding the limit of eight pages, whereas Letters to the editor are limited two pages. The payments are required after acceptance. Articles are not published online until the publication charges are fully paid online. Authors are responsible for the costs of a corrigendum (USD 100 per page).

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We automatically apply Article Publishing Charge waivers or discounts to those articles in gold open access journals for which all authors are based in a country eligible for the Research4Life program. Find out more about the APC waiver and discount eligibility here.

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Our Online Author Communication System (OACS) ensures you are offered the lowest possible Article Publishing Charge to publish an article in your chosen journal. During submission you will be presented with a personalized OA Article Publishing Charge based on your individual context (your country, institutional affiliation, and any society membership for example) as well as considering the journal involved.

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Peer review under the responsibility of The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine.

Access rights

All articles published open access will be immediately and permanently free for everyone to read, download, copy and distribute.

User rights

Permitted third party reuse is defined by the following user license:

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND):
Allows users to copy and distribute the Article, provided this is not done for commercial purposes and further does not permit distribution of the Article if it is changed or edited in any way, and provided the user gives appropriate credit (with a link to the formal publication through the relevant DOI), provides a link to the license, and that the licensor is not represented as endorsing the use made of the work. The full details of the license are available at

Author rights

For open access publishing, this journal uses an exclusive licensing agreement. Authors will transfer copyright to The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine, but will have the right to share their article in the same way permitted to third parties under the relevant user license, as well as certain scholarly usage rights.

Publishing schedule

This journal is published three times a year; June, December.

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