• Steven E. Lipshultz, MD

    Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Emeritus Editor

  • G.K. Lofland, MD

    Crozier, Virginia, USA

Managing Editor

  • Miriam Mestre, MA

    Wayne State University, USA

Associate Editors

  • Sanjeev Aggarwal, MD (Noninvasive Cardiology)

    Michigan, USA

  • Preetha L. Balakrishnan, MD (Preventive Pediatric Cardiology)

  • Paul Barach, MD, MPH (Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Outcomes, Implementation Science)

    Michigan, USA

  • Michael Burch, MB ChB, MD (Pediatric Heart Failure and Transplantation)


  • Stacy Fisher, MD (Adult Congenital Heart Disease)

    Maryland, USA

  • Thomas J. Forbes, MD (Interventional Cardiology)

    Michigan, USA

  • Richard Humes, MD (Non-Invasive Imaging)

    Michigan, USA

  • Peter P. Karpawich, MD (Electrophysiology)

    Michigan, USA

  • Andrea M. Kline-Tilford (Pediatric Cardiology Nursing)

    Michigan, USA

  • Kathleen L. Meert, MD (Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care)

    Michigan, USA

  • Azaria Rein, MD (Fetal Echocardiography)


  • Robert Ross, MD (Pediatric Cardiology Medical Education)

    Michigan, USA

  • Robert G. Weintraub (Pediatric Cardiology Heart Failure and Transplantation)

    Victoria, Australia

  • James D. Wilkinson, MD, MPH (Pediatric Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Clinical Trials)

    Michigan, USA

  • David Winlaw (Pediatric Cardiac Surgery)

    New South Wales, Australia

  • Lisa Yue, MBA (Advocacy and Family Support)

    New Jersey, USA