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IPEM-Translation is a new, open-access publication that provides a forum for the publication and sharing of best practices among all those involved in research and development of technologies for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the rehabilitation of patients.

The Journal publishes state-of-the art reviews, technical papers and reports on current practices, as well as communications of work that is at an earlier stage of development. In addition to traditional clinical engineering, biomedical computing, instrumentation, medical imaging technology and rehabilitation practice, the scope extends to more translational research and development leading to the adoption of new medical devices and procedures, including potentially disruptive technology and the implications that their introduction may have for healthcare service provision.

The target readership includes (but is not limited to) clinical engineers and technologists engaged in the commissioning, operation and management of the sophisticated equipment and instruments used to diagnose illness and to treat patients; also, biomedical engineers involved in the design, manufacture and evaluation of specialist equipment for use in the hospital setting. Examples include cutting-edge technology in medical diagnostics and imaging, nuclear medicine as well as emerging areas such as keyhole and robotic surgery, rehabilitation engineering.

IPEM - Translation aims to keep all those involved in technical innovation abreast of the latest developments in health care delivery and service provision for the benefit of patients.

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  • ISSN: 2667-2588
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