Invention Disclosure

Invention Disclosure

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Invention Disclosure is an open access journal that provides an outlet for inventors, researchers, and technology transfer professionals to easily share and advertise inventions.

The journal aims to publish invention disclosure forms that:
  • Thoroughly describe the invention and its intended use or application potential
  • Make inventions easier to find by potential investors, collaborators, licensing experts and patent examiners, opening up doors for new collaborations
  • Increase traffic towards associated research articles and data, leading to more citations
  • Bridge the gap between the scientific discovery process and the commercialisation of research.

Invention Disclosure welcomes submissions that disclose inventions from all research areas and with relevance for all industries.

We define an invention as an innovation that has recently been patented, or could have been patented, in which case the inventor has decided to create prior art and prevent the invention from being patented. This journal discloses inventions using a specific short format, also known to the industry as an Executive Summary, (Technology) Marketing Sheet, Non-confidential information deck, Tech Pitch or a Technology Flyer.

In case of unpatented or defensive disclosure the author must realise that submitting an invention to the journal constitutes 'prior art' under most jurisdictions and therefore prevents successful patenting. Elsevier will not be liable if this happens unintentionally or against the wishes of patent owners.

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  • ISSN: 2772-4441
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