Groundwater for Sustainable Development

Groundwater for Sustainable Development

  • Volume 4
  • Issue 4
  • ISSN 2352-801X
  • SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 1.011
  • Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP): 1.723
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Editor-in-chief: Bhattacharya

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Many professionals believe that sharing knowledge and experience on groundwater matters on a worldwide scale and across disciplines is an effective strategy to identify and promote optimal approaches to the assessment, development and management of groundwater resources. This is exactly what the international journal of Groundwater for Sustainable Development is intending to address. On the global platform, the authors and readers of the journal should enjoy all the benefits of global interdisciplinary collaborative information exchange, facilitated by the Information Technology and on-line access to the journals content.

The journal is directed to different stakeholders and professionals, including government and non-governmental organizations, international funding agencies, universities, public water institutions, public health and other public/private sector professionals, and other relevant institutions. It is aimed at professionals, academics and students in the fields of disciplines such as: groundwater and its connection to surface hydrology and environment, soil sciences, engineering, ecology, microbiology, atmospheric sciences, analytical chemistry, hydro-engineering, water technology, environmental ethics, economics, public health, policy, as well as social sciences, legal disciplines, or any other area connected with water issues.

The objectives of this journal are to facilitate:
• The improvement of effective and sustainable management of water resources across the globe.
• The improvement of human access to groundwater resources in adequate quantity and good quality.
• The meeting of the increasing demand for drinking and irrigation water needed for food security to contribute to a social and economically sound human development.
• The creation of a global inter- and multidisciplinary platform and forum to improve our understanding of groundwater resources and to advocate their effective and sustainable management and protection against contamination.
• Interdisciplinary information exchange and to stimulate scientific research in the fields of groundwater related sciences and social and health sciences required to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for sustainable development.

This journal intends to become the international forum for groundwater research oriented towards the solution of problems of great social impact rather than only breakthrough research in physical and chemical issues.


Principal areas covered by the proposed journal are:

• Hydrogeological systems and sustainable groundwater resources management
• Groundwater contamination and protection
• Groundwater vulnerability and risk assessment
• Groundwater quality and food safety
• Epidemiology and public health impacts of groundwater contamination
• Groundwater treatment and remediation
• Hydroeconomics
• Water policy
• Social aspects of groundwater
• Water and education
• Water - Energy - Food nexus
• Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater

Local or regional scale case studies lacking international relevance will not be considered.

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  • SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 1.011
  • Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP): 1.723
  • Impact Factor:
  • Five Year Impact Factor:
  • ISSN: 2352-801X
  • Issues: 4
  • Volume: 4
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