Future Foods

Future Foods

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Future Foods is a dedicated Journal to address the challenges of climate change and sustainability in food production. A transformation of the way food is currently manufactured and consumed is necessary to feed an ever-growing population whilst limiting its environmental impact. Future Foods publishes research that embodies the objective of developing new technologies and food sources for more sustainable food systems. This Journal will seek contributions including, but not limited to the areas:
  • Clean food processing
    Eco-friendly food processing technologies that require utilisation of less resources (raw materials, water and energy)
  • New food ingredients
    Examples include the use of new ingredients with reduced environmental impact and carbon footprint such as plant- based ingredients and alternative proteins sources (algae, insects...), in-vitro "meat", etc.
  • Food sidestreams minimization and utilisation
    Technologies and processes for 'whole of product' utilisation to minimise losses during food production, and utilisation of food processing by-products into new products for added value
  • Innovative technologies
    New technologies such as 3D printing, AI, etc. as long as it affects the environmental impact
  • Sustainable packaging
    Sustainable and innovative packaging solutions for the foods that can include:
    - Eco-design of packaging
    - Sustainable packaging, edible packaging
    - Active and intelligent packaging, nanotechnology in smart packaging
    - Micro and nanomaterials in sustainable food packaging
    - Recycling of food packaging materials
  • Consumers studies
    Acceptance studies and sensory analysis related to the above topics

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  • ISSN: 2666-8335
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  • Volume: 2
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