Food Hydrocolloids for Health

Food Hydrocolloids for Health

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Food Hydrocolloids for Health is a gold Open Access, companion journal of Food Hydrocolloids. Its purpose is to focus on the applications of hydrocolloids to human health and nutrition, including but not limited to foods, and highlight their functional properties and bioactivity.

It will cover research on the primary structure, molecular characteristics, conformation, size and shape, and bioactivities demonstrated by studies using in vitro, cell culture, animal and human clinical trials for understanding the potential mechanisms and efficacy of hydrocolloids from plants, fungi, algae, animals and those manufactured by bioprocessing; including proteins and protein hydrolysates.

The main topics of interest for Food Hydrocolloids for Health include:
  • Dietary fibre/indigestible carbohydrate hydrocolloids, their fermentability in the gastrointestinal tract, interactions with microbiota, digestive processes and gastrointestinal health
  • Hydrocolloids as drug delivery systems and other medical applications, including pharmaceutical preparations and encapsulation; mucoadhesion
  • The role of hydrocolloids in of acute and long-term regulation of glycaemic control and body weight
  • The formulation of nutritional supplements based on hydrocolloids for specific health issues (e.g. dysphagia, age-related sarcopoenia)
  • Personalised or sports nutrition uses of hydrocolloids and indigestible carbohydrates
  • Approaches to assess the bioactivity of carbohydrate and hydrocolloid entities
  • The impact of hydrocolloids and indigestible carbohydrates on health issues like gastrointestinal and cardiometabolic disease and allergies
  • Medical applications such as wound dressing and tissue engineering scaffolds

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