EFB Bioeconomy Journal

EFB Bioeconomy Journal

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EFB Bioeconomy Journal is an official journal of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB). It covers the science, natural and social sciences, the technologies and the humanities related to bioeconomy and its surrounding political, business, ethics, regulatory, social, and financial milieu.

The journal publishes high quality peer-reviewed original research papers, authoritative reviews, feature articles and opinions in all areas of bioeconomy. It reflects the wide diversity of bioeconomy facets, particularly those advances in research and technologies, such as biotechnologies and others that open opportunities for exploitation of knowledge, commercially or otherwise, together with news, discussion, and comment on broader issues of general interest and concern. The outlook is fully international.

The scope of the journal includes the research, industrial, commercial and social aspects of bioeconomy, in areas such as: Sustainability; Circular Economy; Food, Feed, Fibre and Agriculture; Biomaterials; Biofuels; Intellectual Property Rights, Regulatory Issues; Environment and Biodiversity; Health and Biopharmaceuticals.

The journal takes a scientific approach to non-scientific and broad issues related to bioeconomy, and comments on matters of safety, market regulations, international relations and biodiplomacy, public perceptions, ethical and societal aspects, education, and public and private funding of bioeconomy.

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  • ISSN: 2667-0410
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