Current Advances in Genetics & Molecular Biology

Current Advances in Genetics & Molecular Biology - ISSN 0741-1642
Volumes: Volume 37
Issues: 12 issues
ISSN: 07411642


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Current Advances in Genetics & Molecular Biology is a monthly current literature searching service which is fast, comprehensive, economical and easy to use. It enables pure and applied scientists to keep abreast of the ever-increasing literature being published in their subject area, by providing a subject categorized listing of titles, authors, bibliographic details and authors' addresses. Titles are presented under appropriate subject headings with full cross references.

Contents: Major subject areas covered include: Nucleic acid structure and biophysics; DNA/RNA sequences and genome organization; DNA replication and synthesis; Recombination and gene conversion; DNA repair; Mutagenesis; Gene expression; Molecular biology techniques; Applications and implications of genetic manipulation; Prokaryotic plasmids; Bacteriophage genetics; Prokaryotic genetics; Viral genetics; Molecular biology of prions and prion-related diseases; Eukaryotic extrachromosomal inheritance; Cytogenetics and cytotaxonomy; Immunogenetics; Molecular cell biology; Genetics and development; Genetics and cancer; Eukaryotic ecological and population genetics; Molecular evolution and speciation; Plant breeding; Human genetics; Medical genetics.