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Cleaner Production Letters

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Cleaner Production Letters (CLPL, ISSN: 2666-7916) is an international, inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary journal focusing on Cleaner Production, Environmental, and Sustainability research and practice. CLPL is committed to publish top-tier original research from the cleaner production community and to serve as a platform for communications in addressing and discussing emerging topics with potential of high societal impact and great significance.

The papers published in CLPL will provide a deeper understanding of new and innovative technological, human and institutional strategies, approaches, methods, models and cases, in cleaner production and sustainability issues, addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Articles will focus on emerging frontiers and paradigms in cleaner production and sustainability research, including a wide range of topics, such as circular supply chains, sustainable consumption, sustainable business models, circular economy, production service system and sharing economy, assessing sustainability and indicators, sustainability management and reporting, advanced and green manufacturing, social drivers and impacts of cleaner production, prevention strategies, life cycle thinking, global changes and carbon neutralization, clean, affordable and secure energy, environmental systems engineering, and bio-based economy.

CLPL particularly welcomes the following types of articles: (1) original research articles: emerging and disruptive topics in cleaner production and sustainability that address present and future societal challenges; (2) review articles: high quality reviews that consolidate and shape a fast-developing area; (3) short communications to the editors: short articles reflecting about a novel or priority issue; discussion articles addressing relevant questions, comments and inputs to other published articles; viewpoint and critical perspective articles.

Specialized research judged to be of relevance only to a very particular discipline or a narrow audience may not be considered. Articles must address a sustainable development related topic with an integrative perspective and drive positive societal impacts, required to achieve SDGs.

Peer review policy
CLPL will implement a high standard and rapid peer review process to ensure the high quality of papers published in CLPL and sensitivity to the emerging issues. CLPL will accept direct submissions and transfer suggested by JCLP editors as well, however, the recommendations from JCLP will not guarantee publication in CLPL. CLPL will implement a high standard and rapid peer review process to ensure the quality of papers published in CLPL.

All submissions will be pre-evaluated through a screening process. Therefore, the authors when submitting the article should submit a covering letter with an expression of interest, explaining four key aspects of the research, in particular (maximum 80 words per each aspect):

  1. How the research article content addresses an emerging topic in cleaner production and sustainability?
  2. How the research approach integrates an inter-, multi- or transdisciplinary perspective?
  3. How the research outcomes enable positive high societal impact and great significance?
  4. How the research article impacts with other related works: aligns, extends or conflicts? Please identify two to four articles that demonstrate that main impact.

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