Carbon Capture Science & Technology

Carbon Capture Science & Technology

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Carbon Capture Science & Technology (CCST) is a new gold open access journal for the publication of cutting-edge high-impact research covering all aspects of carbon capture.

The journal welcomes contributions from engineers, chemists, economists, biologists, environmental and social scientists alike. Papers which report significant progress at the interface between these disciplines are particularly encouraged.

CCST publishes original research papers, review papers, perspectives, and short communications. Topics which will be considered for publication by CCST include, but are not limited to the following:

Pre-combustion carbon capture
  • Hydrogen production through gasification of hydrocarbon feedstock
  • Water gas shift reaction
  • Whole process of pre-combustion carbon capture
  • CO2 removal from biogas and syngas

Post-combustion carbon capture
  • CO2 absorption
  • Calcium looping
  • Cryogenic CO2 removal
  • Membrane separation for carbon capture
  • CO2 desublimation

Carbon capture during combustion
  • Oxy-fuel combustion
  • Chemical looping

Other carbon capture processes
  • Direct air capture (DAC)
  • Biological carbon capture
  • Carbon capture in Antarctica
  • Carbon mineralization

Process integration and intensification
  • Process and reactor modelling for carbon capture
  • Techno-economic analysis of carbon capture process
  • Integrated carbon capture and utilisation (ICCU)
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU)
  • Carbon capture and transportation

Environmental, social and political analysis of carbon capture technologies
  • Social impact analysis for carbon capture
  • Carbon capture management
  • Life cycle assessment for carbon capture technologies development
  • Policy research related to carbon capture

Materials- and chemistry-related carbon capture science
  • Development of functional materials for CO2 capture, purification, storage or utilization
  • Development of carbon capture materials from hydrocarbon feedstock
  • Mechanistic studies of the chemistry processes in CO2 capture, purification, storage or utilization

Other research related to carbon emission reduction
  • Gasification of hydrocarbon feedstock
  • Pyrolysis of hydrocarbon feedstock
  • Hydrothermal treatment of hydrocarbon feedstock
  • Other biomass utilization technologies
  • CO2 utilization and conversion
  • CO2 transportation and storage

CCST offers rapid review and publication. Initial editorial decisions are normally made within 3 days while the first editorial decision after peer review is normally made within 4 weeks. The journal aims to provide a first decision with reviewer comments within four weeks of submission. First publication decision, for papers that are not within the journal's scope, is made within three days of submission.

We are pleased to announce that the APC (Article Publishing Charge) for CCST will be waived for any accepted manuscripts submitted before 28th June 2022.

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  • ISSN: 2772-6568
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