Biomaterials and Biosystems

Biomaterials and Biosystems

  • Volume 4
  • Issue 4
  • ISSN 2666-5344
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Editor-in-chief: Zeugolis

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Biomaterials and Biosystems is the newest title in Elsevier's biomaterials science portfolio; it sits alongside Biomaterials, Materials Today Bio and Materials Science and Engineering C: Materials for Biological Applications. As part of the broader Materials Today family, Biomaterials and Biosystems offers authors rigorous peer review, rapid decisions, and high visibility.

Biomaterials and Biosystems is an interdisciplinary open access journal that publishes work at the nexus of engineering, chemistry, biology and medicine. The Journal covers the full spectrum of research, technology development and clinical translation of the biomedical engineering discipline. The Journal will effectively disseminate new knowledge, technologies, tools and discoveries in the field of human health and/or healthcare to the scientific community and to the wider community. The Journal commits to adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and affirms commitment to integrity and ethical conduct of the highest standard.

Biomaterials and Biosystems selectively publishes manuscripts that:
  1. Deal with the development, assessment and application of the next generation of functional implantable devices that aspire to treat, augment or replace diseased and / or injured tissues, organs or functions of the body with their therapeutic capacity;
  2. Develop, assess and prove function of the next generation of biological systems that enable disease prevention, diagnosis, progression, monitoring, mitigation and treatment; and
  3. Discuss ethical and social implications of educational, scientific, technological and clinical developments in the applied field of biomedical engineering.

Indicative example of specific topics covered by Biomaterials and Biosystems include: Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products; Artificial Organs; Bioadhesives; Bioceramics; Bioelectronics; Bioengineering; Biofabrication; Biomechanics; Biomedical Engineering; Bionics; Biopolymers; Biosensors; Biotechnology; Cardiovascular Engineering; Cell Delivery; Cell Engineering; Clinical Trials; Developmental Engineering; Diagnostics; Differentiated Cells; Drug Delivery; Extracellular Matrix; Functionalised Biomaterials; Gene Delivery; Growth Factor Delivery; Hard Tissue Engineering; Hybrid Biomaterials; Imaging; Implants; Immune Response; Immunoengineering; In vitro models; In vivo models; Interfaces; Lab-on-Chip; Mechanobiology; Medical Devices; Modular Biomaterials; Molecular Engineering; Nanobiomaterials; Nanomedicine; Neural Engineering; Ophthalmic; Organ-on-Chip; Orthopaedics; Pluripotent Stem Cells; Regenerative Medicine; Self-assembly; Skeletal Engineering; Soft Tissue Engineering; Stem Cells; Synthetic Biology; Synthetic Polymers; Systems Biology; Tissue Engineering; Translational Medicine; Vaccines; Wound Healing

The journal accepts the following article types: A Research Communication manuscript will be hypothesis-driven and will have a maximum of 5 display items (figures and tables). A Research Note manuscript will be hypothesis driven and will have a maximum of 3 display items (figures and tables). A Progress Report manuscript will have a maximum of 4 display items (figures and tables), will be of maximum of 6,000 words and will provide a critical view / perspective of the subject in hand of the last 10 years. A Review manuscript will have a maximum of 8 display items (figures and tables), will be of maximum of 12,000 words, will provide a comprehensive literature review of the subject in hand and will be educational in nature.

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  • ISSN: 2666-5344
  • Issues: 4
  • Volume: 4
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