Applied Computing and Geosciences

Applied Computing and Geosciences

  • Volume 4
  • Issue 4
  • ISSN 2590-1974
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Editor-in-chief: Brodaric

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Applied Computing & Geosciences is an online-only, open access journal focused on all aspects of computing in the geosciences. Like its companion title Computers & Geosciences, Applied Computing & Geosciences' mission is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all the related areas of at the interface between computer sciences and geosciences.

Applied Computing & Geosciences publishes original articles, review articles and case-studies. Alongside welcoming direct submissions, the journal will benefit from an Article Transfer Service which will allow the author(s) to transfer their manuscript online from Computers & Geosciences thus saving authors time and effort spent on formatting and resubmitting.

Applied Computing & Geosciences offers the community an innovative, efficient and flexible route for the publication of scientifically and ethically sound articles which address problems in the geosciences which includes:
Algorithms; Artificial Intelligence; Computational Methods; Computer Graphics; Computer Visualization; Data Models; Data Processing; Database Retrieval; Distributed Systems; E-Geoscience; Geocomputation; Geographical Information Systems; Geoinformatics; Geomathematics; Image Analysis; Information Retrieval; Modelling; Near and Remote Sensing Data Analysis; Ontologies; Parallel Systems; Programming Languages; Remote Sensing; Simulation; Social Media; Software Engineering; Spatial Analysis and The World-Wide Web.

The term Geoscience is used in a broad sense to refer to the physical Earth sciences including:
Atmospheric Sciences; Climatology; Economic Geology; Environmental Science; Geochemistry; Geodesy; Geology; Geomatics; Geomorphology; Geological and Geotechnical Engineering; Geophysics; Glaciology; Hydrogeology; Hydrology; Meteorology; Mineralogy; Oceanography; Ore Geology; Paleogeography; Paleontology; Petrology; Physical Geography; Planetary Science; Sedimentology; Seismology; Soil Science; Stratigraphy and Structural Geology.

Our highly experienced and well-respected editorial team ensures that all papers are promptly, rigorously and fairly peer-reviewed by the experts in the field.
  • Research paper (5,000 words): Providing an original contribution to the scientific fields of study outlined above.
  • Review paper (10,000 words): Critically describing the state-of-the art of applications of computer science in the geosciences, as a stand-alone contribution or to frame a special issue.
  • Application article (5,000 words): Describing a real-world case study on the scientific fields of study outlined above.

Criteria for assessment shall be: completeness, depth, novelty, timeliness, quality, and interest to the Journal's readership. Before submitting review paper manuscripts, a review outline should be approved by one of the editors of the Journal.

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  • ISSN: 2590-1974
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