Journal of Soil Ecology

Pedobiologia publishes peer reviewed articles describing original work in the field of soil ecology, which includes the study of soil organisms and their interactions with factors in their biotic and abiotic environments.
Analysis of biological structures, interactions, functions, and processes in soil is fundamental for understanding the dynamical nature of terrestrial ecosystems, a prerequisite for appropriate soil management. The scope of this journal consists of fundamental and applied aspects of soil ecology; key focal points include interactions among organisms in soil, organismal controls on soil processes, causes and consequences of soil biodiversity, and aboveground-belowground interactions.
We publish:
  • original research that tests clearly defined hypotheses addressing topics of current interest in soil ecology (including studies demonstrating nonsignificant effects);
  • descriptions of novel methodological approaches, or evaluations of current approaches, that address a clear need in soil ecology research;
  • innovative syntheses of the soil ecology literature, including metaanalyses, topical in depth reviews and short opinion/perspective pieces, and descriptions of original conceptual frameworks; and
  • short notes reporting novel observations of ecological significance.

Editors-in-Chief Nico Eisenhauer , Jeff Powell

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 0031-4056