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    Oceanographic Literature Review

    Oceanographic Literature Review comprises an annotated bibliography to the international research literature in all fields of oceanography including science, mathematics and methods as well as policy, laws, economics and resource management. It contains some 8000 citations per annum, most accompanied by an abstract. OLR is unique in citing non-oceanographic material in the basic sciences thought to be useful to oceanographers.

    Regular Contents Include:

    • Physical oceanography

    • Marine meteorology

    • Chemical oceanography

    • Marine geology and geophysics

    • Biological oceanography

    • Environmental oceanography and pollution

    • Applied oceanography and engineering

    • Regional studies

    • General

    • Abstracts taken from over 2,000 science journals
    • Monthly publication
    • Full bibliographic details of the original publication
    • Author abstracts
    • Title translation and abstract for non-English papers
    • International coverage

    Each issue contains an abbreviated subject index, a regional and organism index. An annual index will also be produced as a separate volume incorporating a full subject index, a regional index, organism index, author index and a journal listing of all journals sourced.

    Oceanographic Literature Review is available online as a subset of the database, GEOBASE, through Engineering Village, DIALOG, and Ovid.

    Oceanographic Literature Review is available as part of the Oceanography Package - Option 1 which comprises Continental Shell Research, Deep Sea Research Parts I & II, Journal of Marine Systems, Oceanographic Literature Review and Progress in Oceanography. See Oceanography Package - Option 1 for details.

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    • Imprint: ELSEVIER
    • ISSN: 0967-0653