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    Medical Photonics

    "Medical Photonics" has been closed and will no longer be published as separate journal. All authors are invited to submit their medical photonics and bio photonics papers to "Zeitschrift für Medizinische Physik". "Medical Photonics" will be published as virtual special issue within this journal.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Optical technologies have become a central part in today's clinical medicine, both in diagnostics and therapy. Medical research as well as clinical routine heavily depends on technical instrumentation. A wide variety of photonic technologies have been developed for clinical monitoringof physiological or pathological parameters. Advanced optical techniques using:

    • Spectroscopic techniques
    • Fluorescence
    • fluorescence lifetime measurements
    • Raman spectroscopy
    • OCT
    all techniques are used for establishing a medical diagnosis and therapy monitoring.

    Moreover, a broad range of therapeutic approaches has been developed (photodynamic therapy, laser dissection, theranostics), ranging from molecular, single cell based approaches to macroscopic surgical strategies.

    All of these techniques have gained by the advances in molecular biology and genetics, allowing specific targeting or marking of all kinds of molecules or tissues, from sensing and microscopy over optogenetics to clinical therapy.

    There is a clear demand for a strong journal that covers these emerging technologies as well as biomedical research based on new photonic technologies. Medical Photonics aims at filling this gap.

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