Journal of Neuroradiology

The Journal of Neuroradiology is well established among other journals in the fields of neuroradiology, radiology and clinical neurosciences that provide precise and rigorous information on diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology. Indeed, the Journal offers an opportunity to submit original articles, reviews, technical notes and letters to the editors (correspondence section) in English language provided that the methodology and scientific content are of good quality, and that the results will have substantial clinical impact and/or physiological importance. Over the past three years, the impact factor of the Journal has been consistently around 1.200. The new Editorial Board will continue working to increase the impact of the Journal in the field of neuroradiology and, more generally, the clinical neurosciences. To further increase the Journal's impact and to make its full content even more widely accessible, the decision was taken to exclusively accept peer-reviewed papers in English (see guide to authors). Considering English as the official language of the Journal of Neuroradiology means that contributions in the area of neuroradiology will be easily accessible to all neuroradiologists around the world. Another change is that case reports are no longer accepted for publication. However, as they may have an influence on our everyday clinical practices, a place will be provided for technical notes reporting on, for example, the improvement of currently used imaging sequences or new MR sequences, or novel approaches in the field of interventional neuroradiology. Nevertheless, to remain a major forum for the most up-to-date insights in the area of diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology, the Editorial team of the Journal of Neuroradiology invites you to submit on the journal's website your high-quality and informative papers in order to make an important contribution to improve our clinical practice, and to communicate on novel concepts, methods and approaches.

Editor-in-chief Laurent Pierot

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