Journal of Natural Gas Chemistry

This Journal functions as a medium for reporting original research papers dealing with topics in the fields of natural gas chemistry, C1 chemistry, lower hydrocarbons chemistry as well as hydrogen energy sources.

The scope of Journal of Natural Gas Chemistry includes the following.
1. Direct and indirect conversions of methane
2. Methane conversion by enzymatic and biological catalysis
3. CO/CO2 conversion and C1 chemistry
4. Synthesis or conversion of lower hydrocarbons
5. Synthesis of O-, S-, and N-containing derivatives of lower hydrocarbons
6. Purification and separation processes concerning natural gas
7. Characterization of catalysts relating to the above processes
8. Production of hydrogen energy
9. Methane hydrates and related scientific problems
10. New approaches or processes of relevant fields
11. Synthesis, production and utilization of new catalytic materials
12. Environmental protection relating to the above processes

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 1003-9953