Journal of Integrative Agriculture

The official publication of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

Journal of Integrative Agriculture publishes manuscripts in the categories of Commentary, Review, Research Article, Letter and Short Communication, focusing on the core subjects: Crop Science, Horticulture, Plant Protection, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Agro-Ecosystem and Environment, Food Science, Agricultural Economics and Management, Agricultural Information Science

Crop Science

  • Crop genetics, breeding, germplasm resources
  • Crop cultivation, tillage, physiology

Plant Protection

  • Plant pathology
  • Agricultural insect
  • Pesticide and weed science


  • Horticultural crop (major vegetable and fruit crops) genetics, breeding, germplasm resources
  • Horticultural crop (major vegetable and fruit crops) cultivation, physiology, biochemistry

Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine

  • Animal genetics and breeding, nutrition and metabolism, reproduction,forage science
  • Basic veterinary, preventive veterinary, clinical veterinary

Agro-Ecosystem and Environment

  • Plant nutrition
  • Soil and fertilization
  • Soil microorganism
  • Irrigation
  • Agricultural remote sensing

Food Science

  • Food processing
  • Food nutrition
  • Food quality and safety
  • Food biotechnology

Agricultural Economics and Management

  • Agricultural economics
  • Food economics
  • Environmental economics
  • Agricultural policy
  • Farm management

Chairman Hua-Jun Tang

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 2095-3119