Journal of Herbal Medicine

The Journal of Herbal Medicine is a peer reviewed journal which aims to serve its readers as an authoritative resource on the profession and practice of herbal medicine. The content areas of the journal reflect the interests of Medical Herbalists and other health professionals interested in the clinical and professional application of botanical medicines. The objective is to strengthen the research and educational base of herbal medicine with research papers in the form of case studies, original research articles and reviews, monographs, clinical trials and relevant in vitro studies. It also publishes policy statements, opinion pieces, book reviews, conference proceedings and profession related information such as pharmacovigilance reports providing an information source for not only the Herbal Practitioner but any Health professional with an interest in phytotherapy.

Potentially the premier journal in its field, the journal welcomes papers that stimulate research and interest in herbal medicine education and practice that disseminate information about its clinical tradition, best practices, skills and knowledge, e.g. in the area of

•Traditional medicine, ethnobotany and western herbal medicine
•Herbal therapeutics, phytomedicine and herbal preparations
•Medicinal plants in healthcare, clinical trials and pilot studies
•Biological and pharmacological effects of plant extracts
•Medicinal plants and their anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, hypotensive, antispasmodic, anti-diabetic, anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal activity

We do not publish papers
• whereby the focus and primary experimental method involves the use of animals
• that only focus on in vitro studies relating to antioxidant activity

Editor-in-Chief B. Pendry

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 2210-8033