Journal of Cleaner Production

The Journal of Cleaner Production serves as a transdisciplinary, international forum for the exchange of information and research concepts, policies, and technologies designed to help ensure progress towards making societies and regions more sustainable. It aims to encourage innovation and creativity, new and improved products, and the implementation of new, cleaner structures, systems, processes, products and services. It is also designed to stimulate the development and implementation of prevention oriented governmental policies and educational programmes.

Cleaner production is a concept that goes beyond simple pollution control. It involves active research and development into new structures, systems, processes, materials and products that are more resource and energy efficient, whilst engaging and empowering people. Such approaches have become necessary for businesses, institutions, governments, and civil society to ensure ecologically, socially,and economically sustainable, consumption production and service strategies. These involve educational, training, management, and technical assistance programs, which are needed to accelerate the adoption of cleaner production and sustainability by industries, governments and universities.

Authors are invited to submit papers from the following areas:

Industrial Applications including:
• Toxics use reduction in product design, process development and in the usage and end-of-life management phases of products
• New and novel uses of materials and technologies
• Improved processes through development and usage of "environmentally friendlier" technologies
• Advances in Green Chemistry, Green Engineering and Green Architecture
• Improved process automation and control

Environmental Management Initiatives:
• Improvements in the integration of environmental management systems
• Improvements in the integration of environmental, quality, health and safety and corporate social responsibility management
• Improved life cycle management of products and services
• Improvements in holistic environmental performance evaluation
• Improvements in environmental reviewing, auditing and reporting
• Advances in life cycle assessment and life cycle management
• Advances in risk reduction
• Advances in reduction of the life cycle usage of energy, water and other materials
• Advances in applications of renewable energy and other low-carbon technologies and products
• Improvements in corporate social responsibility
• Advances in corporate sustainability reporting
• Advances in Industrial Ecology and Regional Sustainable Development

Legislation, Policy and Regulations:
• Improved regulatory and policy initiatives designed to promote implementation of proactive and preventive approaches throughout society
• Advanced governmental policies and programmes to promote the transition to sustainable societies

Education, Training and Learning:
• Improved educational & training initiatives on values, paradigms, concepts and tools to help societies make the transition to sustainable societies.

Co-Editors-in-Chief Jiří Jaromír Klemeš , Rodrigo Lozano

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