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    Journal of Algorithms

    in Cognition, Informatics and Logic

    Algorithms are ubiquitous. They power any software system. However, the concept of an algorithm and algorithmic thinking go far beyond software systems and are relevant to all sciences and fields of human endeavour.

    The Journal of Algorithms will be a forum for algorithmic research in this broad sense. The subtitle Cognition, Informatics, and Logic emphasizes the intended breadth and interdisciplinary nature of the journal. JoA papers ideally combine novelty of approach and high technical quality.

    Papers focusing on Algorithms in the following areas are sought:

    • Automated Reasoning
    • Bio-inspired Computing
    • Combinatorial Optimization and Discrete Mathematics
    • Complexity Theory
    • Computer Algebra
    • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
    • Cryptography, Verification and Security
    • Data Bases and Information Retrieval
    • Discrete Mathematics
    • Distributed and Parallel Processing
    • Economics and Game Theory
    • Geometry and Graphics
    • Graph Theory
    • Knowledge Representation and the Semantic Web
    • Learning
    • Life Sciences and Bioinformatics
    • Logic and Decision Procedures
    • Multi Agent Systems
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Neural Networks
    • Nonclassical Logics, Modal, Temporal and Substructural
    • Nonmonotonic Logics
    • Non-standard Models of Computation
    • Philosophy of Science
    • Planning
    • Procedures in Law
    • Programming Languages and Software Engineering
    • Quantum Computing and Nonstandard Models of Computing
    • Robotics
    • Software Engineering and Formal Methods
    • Space Time, Relativity and Quantum Theory
    • Spatial Logic and Geography
    • String Algorithms
    • Theory of Algorithms and Complexity
    • Uncertainty
    • Artificial Life
    • And possibly others

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    • Imprint: ELSEVIER
    • ISSN: 0196-6774