Journal of Aerosol Science

An International Journal (In association with the European Aerosol Assembly)

Founded in 1970, the Journal of Aerosol Science considers itself the prime vehicle for the publication of original work as well as reviews related to basic and applied aerosol research. Its content is directed at scientists working in areas such as physics, chemistry, engineering, applied mathematics, aerobiology, medicine, industrial and environmental hygiene, toxicology, or materials processing.

The editors welcome submissions of papers describing recent theoretical and experimental research related to:

• The basic physical, chemical and biological properties of systems of airborne particles of all types,
• Their measurement,
• Their formation, transport, deposition and effects,
• Their industrial, environmental and medical applications.

Beside originality, a very important criterion for acceptance of a submission is its ability to communicate conclusions of general relevance to a given field. On the other hand, the Journal is not intended to archive data such as environmental measurements from specific geographical regions, unless new methodologies are involved or broadly relevant new conclusions are reached.

Editors: Pratim Biswas , Min Hu , Alfred Weber

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 0021-8502