Journal of Acute Disease

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Journal of Acute Disease (JAD) is a quarterly international medical journal dedicated to promoting and disseminating original, peer-reviewed work in the field of acute attack of all kinds of diseases, including pre-hospital and hospital emergency medicine, disaster medicine, critical diseases, acute diseases and related medical specialties by publishing high-quality scientific and clinical research worldwide.

The articles published mainly deal with pre-hospital and hospital emergency medicine, cardiopulmonary-cerebral resuscitation, critical cardiovascular disease, sepsis, severe infection, multiple organ failure, acute and critical diseases in different medical fields, sudden cardiac arrest, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), critical care medicine, disaster rescue medicine (earthquakes, fires, floods, mine disaster, air crash, et al.), acute trauma, acute toxicology, acute heart disease, and related topics. JAD sets up columns for special subjects in each issue.

The journal is aimed at doctors, emergency medicine specialist, nurses, paramedics, ambulance staff and medical students.

Original scientific researches, reviews, case reports, short communications, letter to editor related to the aim and scope of JAD are encouraged.

Reviewers of JAD consist of members practicing in different professions from all over the globe. The journal is proud to have such an international and diverse editorial board that assists and facilitates the publications of articles which reflect a global view on acute diseases, and emphasize our focus on supporting the needs of medical practitioners.

As an international journal, JAD is distributed worldwide and welcomes submissions from international contributors and researchers of all specialties. The journal provides a platform for reporting of acute diseases in different settings, which enhances our understanding of course, diagnosis, treatment and clinico-pathologic features of disease. Specialist physicians and general practitioners will find it an indispensable source of reading and reference, and undergraduates will learn a lot from each issue. JAD allows us to seek opportunities to work with people who share our aim, and to enhance our work through partnership, and to uphold the standards of our profession and contribute to its advancement. We believe that in this way we can contribute to the development of treatment methods of acute diseases and emergency medicine.

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