Journal des Anti-infectieux

The Journal will consider for publication review articles in French or English language dealing with all the fields of infections (bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic) their treatment and prevention. Up to seven sections structure each issue: bacterial infections/antibiotics, viral infections/antiviral agents, mycobacterial infections/antimycobacterial agents, fungal infections/antifungal agents, parasitic infections/antiparasitic agents, vaccines, hygiene and infection control. Providing readers with a regular update on recent developments, the Journal is an indispensable gateway to information and training for practitioners, microbiologists, pharmacologists and students. Before publication, articles are submitted for review to 2 reviewers: modifications suggested by the reviewers must be included in a second version of the manuscript and resubmitted to the Journal. The Journal is not responsible to authors before the final decision of the Editorial Board and the Editor-in-Chief.

Editor-in-chief Bruno Fantin

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  • ISSN: 2210-6545