International Journal of Veterinary Science and Medicine

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International Journal of Veterinary Sciences and Medicine (IJVSM) is a peer reviewed journal. The journal publishes letters to the editor, full research papers, reviews, book reviews, short communications and case reports.
The journal scope covers all clinical, medical, scientific and technological aspects of veterinary / medical research which include but not limited to:
•Infectious diseases
•Epidemiology, disease dynamics
•Pet medicine, pet care
•Large / small animal medicine
•Wildlife diseases , wildlife management
•Aquatic animal diseases , aquaculture management
•Avian / Rabbit diseases
•Veterinary surgery ; Anesthesiology ; Radiology
•Veterinary endoscopy , sonography
•Experimental Surgery
•Veterinary obstetrics ; gynecology ; andrology ; teratology; breeding; dairy science
•Veterinary hygiene ; animal behavior / managment; zoonosis
•Animal nutrition; clinical Nutrition; nutritional deficiency diseases
•Food hygiene , food technology
•Forensic medicine, environmental toxicology
•Microbiology; virology; parasitology; immunology, oncology
•Pathology; histology ; histochemistry; molecular pathology; molecular diagnostics
•Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology
•Physiology; endocrinology; biochemistry, molecular biology
•Anatomy , embryology

President Iman Shaheed

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  • Imprint: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University
  • ISSN: 2314-4599