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    International Development Abstracts

    Your guide to the international development literature
    International Development Abstracts was founded in response to the need for a reference journal covering the growing literature on topics and issues relating to developing countries and remains the leading bibliographical reference source in the field.

    Papers are divided into 40 main headings including sections on agriculture and rural development; environment and development; industrial policy; social policies such as health, housing, and education; health, demography; gender and culture; aid, international relations and politics.

    • Abstracts taken from over 2,000 science journals
    • Monthly publication
    • Full bibliographic details of original publication
    • Author abstracts
    • Title translation and abstract for non-English papers
    • International coverage
    • FREE annual subject/regional/author indexes included in subscription price

    Available online as part of GEOBASE through DIALOG

    A CD-ROM version is available through Silver Platter on GEOBASE CD-ROM.

    Also of interest: Geographical Abstracts: Physical Geography, and Fluid Abstracts: Civil Engineering.

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    • Imprint: ELSEVIER
    • ISSN: 0262-0855