Wellbeing, Space and Society

Wellbeing, Space and Society

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Wellbeing, Space & Society is an interdisciplinary journal concerned with the difference that space, place and location make to wellbeing. We welcome submissions that are theoretically informed, empirically supported, of interest to an international readership, address a problem of interest to society, and illustrate the links (potential or theorized) between (aspects of) society and space and wellbeing. We publish papers from a range of social science disciplines - geography, sociology, social psychology, social epidemiology, economics, anthropology, political science, amongst others. We are particularly interested in the policy implications of the research, including work informed by policy analysis. Methodological plurality and innovation are encouraged; interpretation of wellbeing in this context may be subjective or objective, eudonic or hedonic, and may also be at the individual and/or community levels. But we are particularly interested in the wellbeing of places - how is that conceptualized, theorized, operationalised and translated?

Key themes for the journal include inequalities across space that have been shaped by societal forces; inequities across social categories (gender, age, race, etc) that are spatially expressed; the shaping of wellbeing in places (a range of socio-political and/or cultural contexts such as indigenous communities or alternative forms of nation states) across a range of spatial scales from the individual to the household to the community to the region to the nation and up to the global context; and the socio-spatial implications of policy interventions at the national (e.g. welfare, taxation) or local (e.g. urban infrastructure, community resources, green spaces). Further, we expect papers that will address the transactive nature of wellbeing along with the constitutive (or emergent) processes across the scales from the individual through the household to community, etc. that shape wellbeing.

Wellbeing, Space & Society welcomes submissions from a range of ontological and epistemological approaches and is particularly keen to receive work that demonstrates theoretical and/or methodological innovation. Types of papers accepted include empirical research, reviews, short reports, and invited commentaries

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