Computers and Education: Artificial Intelligence

Computers and Education: Artificial Intelligence

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Computers & Education: Artificial Intelligence aims at affording a world-wide platform for researchers, developers, and educators to present their research studies, exchange new ideas, and demonstrate novel systems and pedagogical innovations on the research topics in relation to applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in education and AI education. A sister journal to Computers & Education, CAEAI is an open access and peer reviewed journal, which welcomes empirical, review, and position papers from the following areas.
  • AI-assisted tutoring for decision-making
  • AI-based multimedia data analytics in classroom or school settings
  • AI-enabled learning environment
  • designing educational technologies in the age of AI
  • ethical issues and problems raised by AI applications in education
  • how to apply AI techniques and models in analyzing the educational data
  • how to develop AI-based e-learning systems
  • innovative strategies and systems for AI education
  • intelligent tutoring and learning systems
  • learning behavioral and cognitive analysis for intelligent systems
  • learning emotion detection using AI
  • learning emotion and classroom dialogue analysis using AI
  • personalized and intelligent educational systems
  • pedagogical innovations for AI teaching and learning
  • research trends in AI for education research

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  • ISSN: 2666-920X
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