Advances in Cancer Biology - Metastasis

Advances in Cancer Biology - Metastasis

  • Volume 3
  • Issue 3
  • ISSN 2667-3940
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Editor-in-chief: Skvortsova

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Despite the progress in cancer diagnostic and treatment, the problem of cancer metastasis is still unsolved. Approximately 90% of cancer patients die due to the metastatic disease progression. It is assumed that elucidation of the molecular mechanisms associated with cancer cell spread to the distant organs and tissues could help in the improvement of therapy results and clinical outcome in cancer patients.

The journal devotes itself to the publication of basic and translational research. It accepts reviews, research articles, mini-reviews and technical (methodology) papers. More clinically-oriented papers may also be accepted if they discuss therapeutic options dependent on specific molecular features of the primary and secondary (metastatic) tumors.

Manuscripts addressing the following problems are especially welcome:
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying metastatic spread;
  • Molecular properties of carcinoma cells associated with their metastatic capacities;
  • Molecular mechanisms of organ-specific metastasis;
  • Role of microenvironment (tumor stroma and immune system) in metastatic progression;
  • Site-specific metastasis;
  • Tumor metabolism and metastatic spread;
  • Cancer metastasis and dormancy;
  • Role of cancer stem cells in the metastasis development;
  • Circulating tumor cells;
  • Exosomes and microvesicles in disease progression;
  • Therapy-induced metastasis;
  • Animal models to study the mechanisms of metastatic spread;
  • Preclinical findings that could be useful in the clinical practice to combat metastatic disease;
  • Diagnostic tools for metastasis detection;
  • Translational research on metastatic disease;
  • Therapeutic approaches to combat metastatic progression.

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  • ISSN: 2667-3940
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