Information Processing in Agriculture

The Journal of the China Agricultural University

Information Processing in Agriculture (IPA) was established in 2013 and it encourages the development towards a science and technology of information processing in agriculture, through the following aims:

• Promote the use of knowledge and methods from the information processing technologies in the agriculture;
• Illustrate the experiences and publications of the institutes, universities and government, and also the profitable technologies on agriculture;
• Provide opportunities and platform for exchanging knowledge, strategies and experiences among the researchers in information processing worldwide;
• Promote and encourage interactions among agriculture Scientists, Meteorologists, Biologists (Pathologists/Entomologists) with IT Professionals and other stakeholders to develop and implement methods, techniques, tools, and issues related to information processing technology in agriculture;
• Create and promote expert groups for development of agro-meteorological databases, crop and livestock modelling and applications for development of crop performance based decision support system.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Smart Sensor and Wireless Sensor Network
• Remote Sensing
• Simulation, Optimization, Modeling and Automatic Control
• Decision Support Systems, Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence
• Computer Vision and Image Processing
• Inspection and Traceability for Food Quality
• Precision Agriculture and Intelligent Instrument
• The Internet of Things and Cloud Computing
• Big Data and Data Mining

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  • ISSN: 2214-3173