Immunity is a monthly journal which publishes research articles and reviews of general interest in the entire discipline of immunology. Immunity was founded in the belief that advances in molecular and cellular immunology have brought immunology to a point at which a journal of high quality should be able to provide a unifying intellectual view, but the mandate for Immunity is not restricted to any particular level of analysis or to any particular type of system. The title Immunity is meant to indicate a breadth of interest extending beyond the formal definition of immunology, and into all systems that contribute to, or interact with, the immune system of the organism. Submitted articles are reviewed for both technical excellence and general interest, and those that are accepted are published within ten weeks.

Immunity follows the example ofCell in defining criteria for general interest that are just as important as technical quality in deciding on the acceptability of submissions. The area of interest is defined broadly beyond the obvious characterization of immune genes and cells, effectively including any and all research that contributes to understanding of infection and host defenses. Practical consequences for clinical work are taken into account equally with advances in fundamental understanding.

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