ICT Express

Information & Communications Technology Express

The ICT Express journal published by the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences (KICS) is an international, peer-reviewed research publication covering all aspects of information and communication technology. The journal aims to publish research that helps advance the theoretical and practical understanding of ICT convergence, platform technologies, communication networks, and device technologies. The technology advancement in information and communication technology (ICT) sector enables portable devices to be always connected while supporting high data rate, resulting in the recent popularity of smartphones that have a considerable impact in economic and social development. The high processing capability and the ubiquitous connectivity of recent communication devices allow telecommunication technology to be converged with other industry sectors, such as healthcare, automobile, transportation, entertainment, building architecture, and energy. The journal invites short-length (up to 4 pages in double columns) high-quality, original letter articles that explicitly address the unique technical challenges encountered in the convergence of information and communication technology. Each submission will be reviewed by experts in the field.

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Editor-in-Chief Eun-Soo Kim

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  • Imprint: The Korean Institute of Communications Information Sciences
  • ISSN: 2405-9595