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    Global Economics and Management Review

    Global Economics and Management Review (GEMRev) provides a locus for cross-functional and multidisciplinary research. The journal offers an avenue for a cross-fertilization to happen through editorial norms committed to methodological pluralism and unrelenting ambition that aims to make visible what others have yet to see. Moreover, GEMRev aims to become a targeted and desired destination for substantively interesting conversations across disciplines. The guiding editorial philosophy of methodological pluralism will have as its hallmarks prioritization of editorial criteria such as: "Is an important question being asked?," "Is there a high potential for surprise in the form of original observation or new evidence?" and "Is the research going to sparkle an intellectual debate?". GEMRev's goal is to spark evidence-based dialog and investigation across the disciplines of economics and management (and among practitioners in industry, culture and commerce) of global importance.

    GEMRev also welcomes research that challenges scientific orthodoxy, questions longstanding assumptions, and proposes constructive alternatives to widespread beliefs and interpretations. Following that premise of welcoming challenges to orthodoxy, the journal specifically invites empirical studies that fail to support existing theories.Breaking away further from mainstream journal norms, GEMRev invites replication studies. Replication is an essential characteristic of the scientific method. Consequently, research in business and practitioners need studies that replicate other studies. Thus, GEMRev provides space where replication studies are welcome.

    The kinds of articles GEMRev welcomes in the service of productively breaking the counterproductive prevailing norms include multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary research, applied and evidence-based research, and replication research. GEMRev is not a macro journal, thus studies should be at the person, organization, or industry level (or any combination of these levels).

    While GEMRev is a broad journal, the editors encourage more research with the following substantive themes: co-opetition, co-creation, and co-production, entrepreneurial and transformational management, ethics, CSR, sustainability, organizational governance, and non-profit management; and approaches: behavioral research, controversial issues in management, dialog with practice, and systems research. It should be emphasized that this list is neither exhaustive nor mutually exclusive.GEMRev is dedicated to quality and is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Hence, while encouraging innovation and norm-breaking research, the editors expect scientific rigor, intellectual honesty and integrity from authors. Papers submitted must be original, should not have been previously published nor be simultaneously under consideration for publication elsewhere. All submissions must conform to the journal's style requirements.

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