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    Fooyin Journal of Health Sciences

    The Fooyin Journal of Health Sciences (FJHS) is the officialpeer-reviewed publication of Fooyin University Hospital thatis published quarterly by Elsevier, and isindexed/abstracted in Chemical Abstracts Service, EMBASE,EMCARE, and SCOPUS.

    The FJHS is an interdisciplinary journal that is focusedon providing prompt publication of results from originalresearch on fundamental and molecular aspects of health.The fields of interest include:

    • health care
    • environmental science
    • medical science
    • molecular medicine
    • individualized medicine
    • biotechnology
    • toxicology
    • natural food
    • human behavior
    • pharmacy
    • microbiology
    In addition to original articles, the journal also welcomespapers in the form of invited review articles and shortcommunications.

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    • Imprint: ELSEVIER
    • ISSN: 1877-8607