Food Packaging and Shelf Life

An official journal of the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging, Freising, Germany.

Food packaging plays a vital role in preserving food throughout the distribution chain. Without packaging, the processing of food can become compromised as it is contaminated by direct contact with physical, chemical, and biological contaminants. In recent years, the development of novel food packaging (modified atmosphere & active packaging) has not only increased the shelf life of foods, but also their safety and quality - therefore bringing convenience to consumers. Directly related, and interlinked, with food packaging is the concept of shelf life - the length of time that foods, beverages, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, and many other perishable items are given before they are considered unsuitable for sale, use, or consumption.

Food Packaging and Shelf Life caters to the needs of scientists, material scientists, food chemists and microbiologists in the area of food packaging and shelf life. The journal will mainly publish original research papers, review articles and short communications in the following areas:

• Food packaging material development
• Designing food packaging machinery
• Physical & chemical properties of food packaging materials
• Polymer, glass, metal and paper packaging systems
• Nano packaging
• Vacuum, gas, aseptic and sterile packaging
• Modified atmosphere packaging systems
• Active and intelligent, & antimicrobial packaging systems
• Edible packaging
• Bio-plastics for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
• Food package testing
• Sensory properties of packaged foods
• Microencapsulation
• Migration from packaging materials
• Food package interactions
• Shelf life of packaged food products
• Recycling of food packaging Materials
• Packaging sustainability
• Microbial stability of food during storage, handling and transportation
• Sensory changes during food storage
• Chemical, physical and microbial determinants for shelf life
• Shelf life simulation
• Shelf life and food safety
• Accelerated shelf life tests

Papers focusing exclusively on food product development, functional foods, food chemistry, post-harvest technology, food microbiology, dairy processing will not be covered by this journal.

Editors-in-Chief H.C. Langowski , A.A. Wani

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