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    Excerpta Medica Full Set Series

    The Full Set of the Excerpta Medica Abstract Journals contains forty-one printed currentawareness journals, each devoted to a specific biomedical topic or discipline covering theentire range of basic and clinical aspects. Every journal contains bibliographic referencesand abstracts summarizing original articles from primary research and clinical journals.The records are carefully selected from 4,000 journals from 70 countries around the world,which makes the Excerpta Medica Abstract Journals very comprehensive. Furthermore, thejournals are easy to browse as each issue contains a contents table, a subject index and anauthor index, which are cumulated at the end of the volume.

    The Full Set of ExcerptaMedica Abstract Journals also includes the EMBASE CD for free. With monthlyupdates this allows you electronic access to very current biomedical information andadditional records not found in the printed journals. The EMBASE CD also contains theEMTREE Thesaurus, the List of Journals Indexed and completeprinted and online user documentation. Furthermore, you will receive a free copy of theprinted version of the List of Journals Indexed.

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    • Imprint: ELSEVIER/EMBASE
    • ISSN: FS00-8549