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    Evidence-based Cardiovascular Medicine


    For all editorial correspondence contact the Managing Editor, Dr. Debbie Singh, at: or write to Evidence-based Cardiovascular Medicine at 126 Central Avenue, London TW3 2RJ, United Kingdom.

    Evidence-based Cardiovascular Medicine provides the highest quality and most up to date evidence to help clinicians make the best treatment decisions. Every year, the editorial team read and appraise more than 10,000 articles published throughout the world. Summaries of the best quality and most useful research are included in the journal, alongside an expert commentary about what the findings mean in practice. The concise and easy to read format helps clinicians, health service managers and librarians to:
    • Convert their information needs into answerable questions
    • Track down the best evidence to answer the question
    • Appraise the evidence
    • Apply the results in your clinical practice
    • Evaluate treatment and performance

    Hundreds of issues of the most authoritative and respected journals in the field are systematically scanned for each issue of Evidence-based Cardiovascular Medicine, including the American Heart Journal, American Journal of Medicine, British Medical Journal, Circulation, European Heart Journal, Heart, JAMA, Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, and hundreds more (please click here for a list of the numerous journal titles screened).

    Evidence-based Cardiovascular Medicine appraises all this material to save busy clinicians time. Let the journal keep you up to date with developments in cardiovascular medicine in a timely, concise and critical manner.

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    • ISSN: 1361-2611