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    Drug Discovery Today: BIOSILICO

    Information technology for drug discovery

    Drug Discovery Today: BIOSILICO has established itself as one of the leaders in the provision of news, reviews and analysis of the issues and developments in computational drug discovery, associated with the same high quality and level of accessibility as its sister publication Drug Discovery Today. Coverage includes systems biology, knowledge management and integration, bio/cheminformatics, virtual screening, in silico modeling, e-clinical trials and text mining, among others. The articles are written by those actively engaged in the IT/Pharma/Biotech sector and presented in the form of peer-reviewed reviews, comments and analysis articles.

    The readership of Drug Discovery Today: BIOSILICO are the decision makers, the technically focused CEOs, big pharma R&D heads and ITor Life Science strategists, as well as all levels of managers and lab heads, plus individual researchers within the pharma/biotech/IT sector - anyone who has to keep abreast of the developments in computational drug discovery.

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