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    Current Diagnostic Pathology

    Current Diagnostic Pathology, a bimonthly review journal, aims to provide the practising diagnostic pathologist and trainee pathologist with up-to-date reviews on histopathology and cytology and related technical advances.

    Each issue contains invited articles on a variety of topics from experts in the field and includes a mini-symposium exploring one subject in greater depth. Articles consist of system-based, disease-based reviews and advances in technology. They update the readers on day-to-day diagnostic work and keep them informed of important new developments. An additional feature is the short section devoted to hypotheses; these have been refereed. There is also a correspondence section.

    Both the contributors and readership are seen as being International. The trend toward continuing education/accreditation has a strong influence in the shaping of the journal's content and is reflected in the inclusion of a self-assessment section.

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    • ISSN: 0968-6053